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Personal Subscriptions Are Back!

We are now taking personal subscriptions again. New subscriptions will be redirected to our WHMCS website for purchase/checkout. You must also create a user account on this website by using the register link. Be sure to use the same email address, otherwise your account will not be linked between the two websites. Thank you for subscribing!

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Taking Custom Guide Requests

As we add more and more countries, our guide file size is getting larger. If you are noticing your tv guide taking longer & longer to load, please contact us with your customer number and what network lists you want your guide to contain. Please refer to the names of the network lists on the top of our website. You may reach us through the contact support forum, or by discord. Thank you.

You can find us on discord for live support and channel requests, we also have email support on the contact us page. XML-TV Discord Support

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Updates – 6/4/19

Added New Catagory “Latino”

AR – Canal de la Ciudad (Latino)
AR – Metro (Latino)
AR – A24 (Latino)
AR – C5N (Latino)
AR – 26 TV (Latino)
AR – TN (Latino)
AR – America TV (Latino)
AR – Telefe (Latino)
AR – TV Publica (Latino)
AR – El Trece (Latino)
AR – Canal 9 (Latino)
AR – Encuentro (Latino)
AR – Canal Orbe 21 (Latino)
AR – TNT (Latino)
AR – FOX (Latino)
AR – HBO (Latino))
AR – Space (Latino)
AR – Comedy Central (Latino)
AR – FOX Movies (Latino)
AR – Cinecanal (Latino)
AR – FX (Latino)
AR – AMC (Latino)
AR – A E Mundo (Latino)
AR – Warner Channel (Latino)
AR – Sony (Latino)
AR – AXN (Latino)
AR – Discovery Channel (Latino)
AR – History (Latino)
AR – Disney Channel (Latino)
AR – TyC Sports (Latino)
AR – FOX Sports (Latino)
AR – ESPN (Latino)
AR – MTV (Latino)
AR – Discovery Kids (Latino)
AR – Cartoon Network (Latino)
AR – CNN en Espanol (Latino)
BR – Globo (Latino)
BR – Record TV (Latino)
BR – SBT (Latino)
BR – Band Sao Paulo (Latino)
BR – RedeTV (Latino)
BR – Cultura (Latino)
BR – Futura (Latino)
BR – CNT (Latino)
BR – NBR (Latino)
BR – TNT (Latino)
BR – FOX (Latino)
BR – HBO (Latino)
BR – Sony (Latino)
BR – AXN (Latino)
BR – A E (Latino)
BR – AMC Brasil (Latino)
BR – Warner Channel (Latino)
BR – Universal (Latino)
BR – Telecine Premium (Latino)
BR – MTV Brasil (Latino)
BR – VIVA (Latino)
BR – Discovery (Latino)
BR – National Geographic (Latino)
BR – History Channel (Latino)
BR – H2 (Latino)
BR – FOX Sports (Latino)
BR – SporTV (Latino)
BR – Esporte Interativo (Latino)
BR – ESPN Brasil (Latino)
BR – Gloob (Latino)
BR – Disney (Latino)
BR – Discovery Home Health (Latino)
BR – Discovery Kids (Latino)
BR – Cartoon Network (Latino)
BR – Nickelodeon (Latino)
BR – Boomerang (Latino)
BR – Globo News (Latino)
BR – Record News (Latino)
BR – BBC News (Latino)
BR – CNN (Latino)
CL – TVN (Latino)
CL – Mega (Latino)
CL – Canal 13 (Latino)
CL – Chilevision (Latino)
CL – La Red (Latino)
CL – UCV TV (Latino)
CL – 24 Horas (Latino)
CL – 13C (Latino)
CL – FOX (Latino)
CL – TNT (Latino)
CL – HBO (Latino)
CL – Sony (Latino)
CL – AXN (Latino)
CL – Warner Channel (Latino)
CL – A E Mundo (Latino)
CL – Universal Channel (Latino)
CL – Space (Latino)
CL – FX (Latino)
CL – CDO Basico (Latino)
CL – CDF Basico (Latino)
CL – FOX Sports Basico (Latino)
CL – FOX Sports 3 (Latino)
CL – ESPN (Latino)
CL – ESPN 3 (Latino)
CL – TyC Sports (Latino)
CL – Discovery Channel (Latino)
CL – National Geographic (Latino)
CL – Animal Planet (Latino)
CL – History (Latino)
CL – Discovery Home Health (Latino)
CL – Investigation Discovery (Latino)
CL – Golden (Latino)
CL – Cinecanal (Latino)
CL – Cinemax (Latino)
CL – Paramount Channel (Latino)
CL – Disney Channel (Latino)
CL – Disney XD (Latino)
CL – Cartoon Network (Latino)
CL – Nickelodeon (Latino)
CL – CNN Chile (Latino)
CO – Caracol (Latino)
CO – RCN (Latino)
CO – TNT (Latino)
CO – FOX (Latino)
CO – Win Sports (Latino)
CO – FOX Sports (Latino)
CO – Canal 1 (Latino)
CO – Citytv (Latino)
CO – HBO (Latino)
CO – Sony (Latino)
CO – AXN (Latino)
CO – ESPN (Latino)
CO – ESPN 2 (Latino)
CO – FOX Sports 2 (Latino)
CO – FOX Sports 3 (Latino)
CO – Discovery Channel (Latino)
CO – National Geographic (Latino)
CO – Animal Planet (Latino)
CO – Warner Channel (Latino)
CO – RCN Novelas (Latino)
CO – TLNovelas (Latino)
CO – Novelas Caracol (Latino)
CO – Cinemax (Latino)
CO – Cinecanal (Latino)
CO – FX Movies (Latino)
CO – Multipremier (Latino)
CO – FX (Latino)
CO – Golden (Latino)
CO – Universal Channel (Latino)
CO – Studio Universal (Latino)
CO – Comedy Central (Latino)
CO – Space (Latino)
CO – Disney Channel (Latino)
CO – Disney XD (Latino)
CO – Cartoon Network (Latino)
CO – MTV (Latino)
CO – CNN en EspaƱol (Latino)
CO – Canal Capital (Latino)
CO – Teleantioquia (Latino)
CO – Telepacifico (Latino)
CO – Telecaribe (Latino)
GT – Guatevision (Latino)
GT – Canal 3 (Latino)
GT – Canal 7 – Televisiete (Latino)
GT – Canal 11 – Teleonce (Latino)
GT – Canal 13 – Trecevision (Latino)
GT – Canal27 (Latino)
GT – Canal Antigua (Latino)
GT – Azteca Guatemala (Latino)
GT – FOX (Latino)
GT – TNT (Latino)
GT – Cinemax (Latino)
GT – Cinecanal (Latino)
GT – Cine Mexicano (Latino)
GT – AMC (Latino)
GT – HBO Oeste (Latino)
GT – A E Mundo (Latino)
GT – Sony (Latino)
GT – AXN (Latino)
GT – Space (Latino)
GT – Warner Channel (Latino)
GT – Syfy (Latino)
GT – Discovery Channel (Latino)
GT – National Geographic (Latino)
GT – History (Latino)
GT – Disney Channel (Latino)
GT – Canal Antigua Deportes (Latino)
GT – ESPN (Latino)
GT – FOX Sports 2 (Latino)
GT – TyC Sports (Latino)
GT – MTV (Latino)
GT – Cartoon Network (Latino)
GT – Las Estrellas (Latino)
GT – Caracol Internacional (Latino)
GT – CNN en Espanol (Latino)
HN – Telecadena 7 y 4 (Latino)
HN – Telesistema 3 y 7 (Latino)
HN – VTV (Latino)
HN – Canal 5 (Latino)
HN – SITV (Latino)
HN – Hable Como Habla (Latino)
HN – EWTN (Latino)
HN – Sony (Latino)
HN – AXN (Latino)
HN – FOX Honduras (Latino)
HN – FOX Movies (Latino)
HN – Space (Latino)
HN – AMC (Latino)
HN – HBO (Latino)
HN – TNT (Latino)
HN – Warner Channel (Latino)
HN – Cinecanal (Latino)
HN – A E Mundo (Latino)
HN – FOX Sports (Latino)
HN – ESPN (Latino)
HN – ESPN 2 (Latino)
HN – Discovery Channel (Latino)
HN – National Geographic (Latino)
HN – History (Latino)
HN – MTV (Latino)
HN – Disney Channel (Latino)
HN – Discovery Kids (Latino)
HN – Cartoon Network (Latino)
HN – Boomerang (Latino)
HN – TVE (Latino)
HN – Caracol Internacional (Latino)
HN – CNN en Espanol (Latino)
SV – Canal 2 (Latino)
SV – Canal 4 (Latino)
SV – Canal 6 (Latino)
SV – Canal 10 (Latino)
SV – Canal 12 (Latino)
SV – Canal 19 (Latino)
SV – Canal 21 (Latino)
SV – VTV (Latino)
SV – TVX (Latino)
SV – Canal Claro (Latino)
SV – FOX (Latino)
SV – HBO (Latino)
SV – TNT (Latino)
SV – Sony (Latino)
SV – AXN (Latino)
SV – TLNovelas (Latino)
SV – FX Movies (Latino)
SV – Cinecanal (Latino)
SV – Warner Channel (Latino)
SV – A E Mundo (Latino)
SV – FOX Sports (Latino)
SV – ESPN (Latino)
SV – ESPN 2 (Latino)
SV – MTV (Latino)
SV – Discovery Channel (Latino)
SV – National Geographic (Latino)
SV – History (Latino)
SV – Discovery Kids (Latino)
SV – Disney Channel (Latino)
SV – Cartoon Network (Latino)
SV – Boomerang (Latino)
SV – Las Estrellas (Latino)
SV – TVE (Latino)
SV – BBC World (Latino)
SV – CNN en Espanol (Latino)
MX – Las Estrellas (Latino)
MX – Canal 5 (Latino)
MX – Azteca 7 (Latino)
MX – FOROtv (Latino)
MX – Gala TV (Latino)
MX – Canal Once (Latino)
MX – Azteca 13 (Latino)
MX – Canal 4 (Latino)
MX – Excelsior TV (Latino)
MX – A Plus (Latino)
MX – TV UNAM (Latino)
MX – adn40 (Latino)
MX – FOX (Latino)
MX – Universal Channel (Latino)
MX – TNT (Latino)
MX – Warner Channel (Latino)
MX – Sony (Latino)
MX – AXN (Latino)
MX – E Entertainment (Latino)
MX – Syfy (Latino)
MX – A E Mundo (Latino)
MX – Space (Latino)
MX – ESPN (Latino)
MX – FOX Sports (Latino)
MX – Discovery Channel (Latino)
MX – National Geographic (Latino)
MX – Investigation Discovery (Latino)
MX – History (Latino)
MX – Disney Channel (Latino)
MX – Cartoon Network (Latino)
MX – Discovery Kids (Latino)
MX – Boomerang (Latino)
MX – MTV (Latino)
MX – VH1 (Latino)
MX – AMC (Latino)
MX – FOX Movies (Latino)
MX – Cinemax (Latino)
MX – HBO (Latino)
MX – TVE (Latino)
MX – CNN en Espanol (Latino)
PY – SNT (Latino)
PY – Red Guarani (Latino)
PY – Telefuturo (Latino)
PY – RPC (Latino)
PY – Paravision (Latino)
PY – latele (Latino)
PY – Unicanal (Latino)
PY – HEi Network (Latino)
PY – Paraguay TV (Latino)
PY – C9N (Latino)
PY – ABC TV (Latino)
PY – FOX (Latino)
PY – HBO (Latino)
PY – TNT (Latino)
PY – Sony (Latino)
PY – AXN (Latino)
PY – Golden (Latino)
PY – Space (Latino)
PY – Cinecanal (Latino)
PY – Warner Channel (Latino)
PY – MTV (Latino)
PY – A E Mundo (Latino)
PY – Discovery Channel (Latino)
PY – National Geographic (Latino)
PY – History (Latino)
PY – Animal Planet (Latino)
PY – FOX Sports (Latino)
PY – Tigo Sports (Latino)
PY – TyC Sports (Latino)
PY – ESPN (Latino)
PY – ESPN 2 (Latino)
PY – Comedy Central (Latino)
PY – Cartoon Network (Latino)
PY – Disney Channel (Latino)
PY – Discovery Kids (Latino)
PY – Tooncast (Latino)
PY – TLNovelas (Latino)
PY – Caracol Internacional (Latino)
PY – Telefe Internacional (Latino)
PY – CNN en Espanol (Latino)
PY – Russia Today HD (Latino)
PE – America Television (Latino)
PE – Latina (Latino)
PE – Panamericana TV (Latino)
PE – ATV (Latino)
PE – TV Peru (Latino)
PE – Las Estrellas (Latino)
PE – FOX (Latino)
PE – TNT (Latino)
PE – HBO (Latino)
PE – Sony (Latino)
PE – AXN (Latino)
PE – Warner Channel (Latino)
PE – A E Mundo (Latino)
PE – Universal Channel (Latino)
PE – Space (Latino)
PE – FX (Latino)
PE – TyC Sports (Latino)
PE – FOX Sports (Latino)
PE – FOX Sports 2 (Latino)
PE – FOX Sports 3 (Latino)
PE – ESPN (Latino)
PE – ESPN 2 (Latino)
PE – GOL TV (Latino)
PE – Discovery Channel (Latino)
PE – National Geographic (Latino)
PE – Animal Planet (Latino)
PE – Investigation Discovery (Latino)
PE – Discovery Home Health (Latino)
PE – La Tele (Latino)
PE – Golden (Latino)
PE – Golden Edge (Latino)
PE – TLNovelas (Latino)
PE – Cinelatino (Latino)
PE – Cinecanal (Latino)
PE – Cinemax (Latino)
PE – Multipremier (Latino)
PE – Disney Channel (Latino)
PE – Disney XD (Latino)
PE – Cartoon Network (Latino)
PE – CNN en Espanol (Latino)

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Updates 5/27/19

Added to UK:
B4U Movies
BBC Alba
BBC One Northern Ireland
BBC Red Button
BBC Scotland
BBC Two Wales
Bloomberg TV
Box Upfront
Box Nation
Chart Show
Clubland TV
Community Channel
Create and Craft
E! Entertainment
Forces TV
Horror Channel
Horse and Country
Ideal World
ITV Border Scotland
ITV Tyne Tees
Keep It Country
Kerrang TV
Kiss TV
Magic TV
MTV Base
MTV Classic
MTV Hits
MTV Music
MTV Rocks
Now 80s
PBS America
Premier Sports 2
Colors Rishtey
Colors Cineplex
Sky Cinema Premiere
Sky Sports Premiere League
Sky Sports Racing
Sky Witness
Sony Movies
Starz TV

Added to Canada:
Assemblee Nationale
ATN Aapka Colors
beIN Sport
Canal Evasion
Canal M
Cine POP
ERT World
ESPN Classic
Fairchild TV
Fairchild TV 2
Ginx eSports TV
La Chaine Disney
LS Times
Penthouse TV
Red Hot
Salt and Light
Tele Quebec
Tele Magino
Weather Network
The Weather Channel
TVA Sports 2
TVA Sports 3
Zee TV

Added to Canada Locals:
ICI (Toronto)
ICI (Montreal QC)
ICI (Moncton NB)
ICI (Ottawa ON)
ICI (Vancouver BC)
NTV (St John NL)
CPAC (Ottawa)

Added to US Sports:
beIN Sport en Espanol
Comcast Sportsnet
ESPN Classics
ESPN College Extra 1
ESPN College Extra 2
ESPN College Extra 3
ESPN College Extra 4
ESPN College Extra 5
ESPN College Extra 6
ESPN College Extra 7
ESPN College Extra 8
Fox Sports Plus (Arizona)
Fox Sports (Cincinnati)
Fox Sports (Cleveland)
Fox Sports Midwest (Indiana)
Fox Sports Midwest (St Louis)
Fox Sports (New Orleans)
Fox Sports (Oklahoma)
Fox Sports West Prime Ticket
Fox Sports West
Fox Sports (Wisconsin)
NBA League Pass 1
NBA League Pass 2
NBA League Pass 3
NBA League Pass 4
NBA League Pass 5
NBA League Pass 6
NBA League Pass 7
NBA League Pass 8
NBA League Pass 9
NBA League Pass 10
NBA League Pass 11
NBA League Pass 12
DirectV NBA League Pass 750
DirectV NBA League Pass 751
DirectV NBA League Pass 752
DirectV NBA League Pass 753
DirectV NBA League Pass 754
DirectV NBA League Pass 755
DirectV NBA League Pass 756
DirectV NBA League Pass 757
DirectV NBA League Pass 758
DirectV NBA League Pass 759
DirectV NBA League Pass 760
DirectV NBA League Pass 761
DirectV NBA League Pass 762
DirectV NBA League Pass 763
DirectV NBA League Pass 764
DirectV NBA League Pass 765
DirectV NBA League Pass 766
DirectV NBA League Pass 767
DirectV NBA League Pass 768
NFL Redzone
DirectV NHL Center Ice 769
DirectV NHL Center Ice 770
DirectV NHL Center Ice 771
DirectV NHL Center Ice 772
DirectV NHL Center Ice 773
DirectV NHL Center Ice 774
DirectV NHL Center Ice 775
DirectV NHL Center Ice 776
DirectV NHL Center Ice 777
DirectV NHL Center Ice 778
DirectV NHL Center Ice 779
DirectV NHL Center Ice 780
DirectV NHL Center Ice 781
DirectV NHL Center Ice 782
DirectV NHL Center Ice 783
DirectV NHL Center Ice 784
DirectV NHL Center Ice 785
DirectV NHL Center Ice 786
DirectV NHL Center Ice 787
Premier League Extra Time 1
Premier League Extra Time 2
Premier League Extra Time 3
Premier League Extra Time 4
Premier League Extra Time 5
Premier League Extra Time 6
Premier League Extra Time 7
Premier League Extra Time 8
Sportstime (Ohio)